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From Bruno Georges <>
Subject Re: Forwarding Domains
Date Tue, 02 Aug 2005 04:52:20 GMT
Hi justin
You can achieve url forwarding/rewriting using a simple servlet filter, or better if you have
apache in the front, use mod-rewrite, which is configurable in your httpd.conf.
If you are using iis, there are few available isapi filter which you can use, alternatively
you can write your own, which reacts on the preprocheaders or urlmap notifications.

Hope this helps.

Bruno Georges
Bruno Georges

Glencore International AG
Tel. +41 41 709 3204
Fax +41 41 709 3000

----- Original Message -----
From: Justin Jaynes []
Sent: 01.08.2005 23:53
Subject: Forwarding Domains

Is it possible for me to host on my
tomcat, and as that is my prefered domain name format,
and want all users who go to (YES,
I have A records set up for both and they point to the
same tomcat server) to be re-directed to, using my tomcat setup?

In other words, I want to move all my users from the
domain they enter to a domain I prefer USING my tomcat
setup.  I imagine there is some way to set up my
server.xml to do it.


Thanks in advance.  I have never had an issue
unresolved after submitting to this list.  Bravo!

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