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Subject Re: Viewing PDF in Internet Explorer
Date Wed, 24 Aug 2005 13:52:00 GMT

I should have been more clear in stating my problem.

I am using a Reporting software with Tomcat.  The Reporting servlet
receives the report request, passes it to the
Reporting Server (lives where the data is), and the Reporting Server sends
it back to the client (servlet). The output
HTML is automatically generated, and apparently the following is happening
with PDF (the Excel plug-in
works fine).

A JSP-Page (or Servlet) like


results in the Content-Type-Header

  Content-Type: application/pdf;charset=ISO-8859-1

which is not allowed according to HTTP-RFCs. The charset may only be
when the Content-Type is "text/*".

It causes bad behaviour with IE, that's this can be critical for some

If Mozilla Firefox is used instead of IE, the pdf loads in the browser.
Unfortunately, the decision to switch browsers is not mine and
I don't want to switch to IIS with the New Atlanta servlet engine.

Chris Ferraro

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What issue?  If you are needing to get a page to load a PDF you have two

   1.  Set an <A> tag with the source value set to the location of the
PDF.  This will load the PDF in the entire window assuming that they
have the PDF plug in installed.

   2.  The other option is to use frames and have the PDF load as the
source of one of the frames.  This will load the PDF in one of the
frames and give you space around it if you need it.

Did that answer your question?  If not we would need at lest a hint of
what problem is. wrote:
> I am using Tomcat 5.0.28 and need to have a pdf document open as a
> in Internet Explorer.
> I tried using the response.class file (pertaining to the content-type)
> recommended in the
> bug documentation 24970, but it did not make a difference. Is there any
> additional information/solutions that are available for this issue?
> Regards,
> Chris Ferraro
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