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From "Peter Crowther" <>
Subject RE: 1 jakarta server + multiple ip's
Date Thu, 04 Aug 2005 08:41:11 GMT
> From: Justin Jaynes [] 
> I tried the solution you offered (below) about
> creating more than one service and using the
> address="xxx" parameter in the Connectors tags.  It
> works great.

Glad to hear it.

> However, what do you mean in your
> "disclaimer" that it is from the documentation and is
> untested?  Did you mean to say NOT from the
> documentation?

I mean that I have not personally tested the solution, but have instead
read the documentation and have come up with that solution.  I would
expect the Tomcat development team to have tested the address attribute
and its consequences.

> And if it is untested, but it is
> working, are there any reasons not to use it in a
> production server?  Is it safe?

I'm the wrong person to answer that - not being on the Tomcat dev team
and not running such a site myself!  However, from my poking around the
innards of UNIX, Windows and Tomcat over the years:

- Binding a socket to a particular IP address rather than all the
addresses on a machine is stable and well-tested on Windows and all the
UNIX networking stacks I know;

- Java's socket interface appears stable under such conditions;

- I am aware of a few other sites running Tomcat for production use
under such conditions - not least to get multiple SSLs onto one Tomcat
instance.  I have seen no traffic on this list over the past year or so
that would indicate Tomcat is unstable under these conditions, but it is
undoubtedly a less common configuration than running Tomcat with a
single listening socket.

Sorry to weasel-word the answer, Justin; I'm trying to make clear the
limits of my own knowledge and where I'm relying on others for

		- Peter

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