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From Stuart Saunders <>
Subject Multiple domains accessing one web app.
Date Tue, 02 Aug 2005 14:02:56 GMT
Hi list

Our system is designed so that multiple domains can have  
independently branded versions of the same  web app.

The situation we are struggling to resolve is this.

We have a two domains accessing one web app on a third domain.

the set up is  resolves to a directory which contains a frameset  
referencing  resolves to a directory which contains a frameset  

In this configuration when the user logs on to the  
session cookie is coming from not and is  
producing "http error 400" and unless the user sets their browser to  
accept all cookies, will not let them log on to the system.

We have tried to set up the host elements in the server.xml so that:  resolves directly to /webapp/site1

and  resolves directly to /webapp/site2

This solves the cookie/login problem but implements a more serious  

If domain1 is accessed first after a server restart it will  
communicate on port 12345, which is all fine but if a user then logs  
in via domain2 the interface that they use will not  connect to the  
server as the port is already used by domain1.

We have very little experience with Tomcat, we have tried all the  
usual routes (google, forums , reading the manual etc)

Can anyone suggest a way to solve this?




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