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From Remy Maucherat <>
Subject Re: Client Deployer 5.5.11 NullPointerException
Date Thu, 25 Aug 2005 13:55:24 GMT
On 8/25/05, Allistair Crossley <> wrote:
> Hi,
> I'd really love to I assure you, but I really don't
> a) have years and years of architecting Tomcat development to trace through how Jasper2
works and
> b) the time whilst I am sat here working for a corporation trying to get Tomcat working
for the business
> For what it's worth (which is nothing I realise) I do realise that jspCompiler.init(this,
jsw) is throwing the exception because the jspCompiler returned from the compiler = (Compiler)
Class.forName(className).newInstance(); is null due to what must be a CNFE (looks like logging
is needed there). I also see that this was why you asked me to copy the JDT compiler jar from
common/lib into the deployer/lib.
> However, I did just that, and this still does not solve the resolution of the compiler
class. Can I clarify that wnated me to copy common/lib/jasper-compiler-jdt.jar into deployer/lib?

Of course. No compiler is found, so you should add one.

> Finally, is it documented anywhere that deployer won't work out of the box? If not, I'd
be happy to make a comment on the Deployer doc page.

The deployer does work out of the box, assuming you have a well
configured Ant which is able to use a Java compiler. So you did
something funny :)

Rémy Maucherat
Developer & Consultant
JBoss Group (Europe) SàRL

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