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From Peter Kennard <>
Subject Re: installing admin webapp
Date Tue, 30 Aug 2005 21:11:26 GMT
BTW the other potential for my "failure" may be that somewhere in the chain 
between Tomcat and the browser the error message page was cached.  The link 
to the admin webapp may itself may not have the headers set to prevent the 
error message from caching ???

I'm only trying to help other's first time experiences be smooth and get 
them off to a good start :)


At 04:58 PM 8/30/2005, you wrote:
>Thanks for reply !
>I did this at the suggestion of someone on a sysadmin list I'm on,
>(Nowhere do any docs actually say this :)
>I also added the "admin" rolename type to the user "peterk" in the
>config/tomcat-users.xml file such that it now looks like this
><?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8'?>
>   <role rolename="tomcat"/>
>   <role rolename="role1"/>
>   <role rolename="manager"/>
>   <role rolename="admin"/>
>   <user username="peterk" password="*******" roles="admin,tomcat,manager"/>
>And restarted the server using the windows "services" UI.
>However after doing this when accesing the link for "admin" I got the "you 
>must install ...". message
>However I just accessed it again and it worked :O
>It apears restarting the server using the windows services UI somehow did 
>not cause it to refresh the config properly (??)  (I rebooted the machine 
>for another reason between previously accesing admin failing and the last 
>I also noticed that if you put a comment in the tomcat-users.xml file the 
>comment is not preserved when the server restarts.  It apparently reads 
>the file (disgards the comments) and then writes out the file upon restart.
>--> Since I wish to promote OSS and Apache there really should be a complete
>     and explicit even though tiny and trivial "howto install this" text file
>     included in the admin download since it will likely be the first thing
>     any new user confronts when installing it :)
>At 01:42 PM 8/30/2005, you wrote:
>>From: "Peter Kennard" <>
>>>Is there a link - howto etc on how to install and configure the admin
>>>I have looked at Faqs for v 5.5.9, googled for it, etc.
>>>There is no "howto-install .." "RUNNING" etc in the webapp .zip file.
>>The 'admin' zip file is structured to overlay the Tomcat install and put the
>>files in the right place.
>>Unzip it in the same place you unzipped the Tomcat 5.5.9 .zip file.
>>(Alternately, unzip it somewhere else and copy the files into your Tomcat
>>install directory, being careful to start at the "right place" so it will
>>overlay properly.)
>>Wendy Smoak
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