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From Peter Kennard <>
Subject RE: installing admin webapp
Date Tue, 30 Aug 2005 21:05:10 GMT
Thanks - For the sake of "marketing" this trivial install should be 
explicitly stated in a very obvious "how to install" information included 
with the package.  Especially since it is something that if done improperly 
(from a POV of not knowing) could affect security.

One of the biggest objections I hear from clients who might use OSS is that 
it is "too hard for people to get started" with it.  A new user is a 
valuable user when trying to propagate a standard.

I would write up such a thing if I knew how to get it in there ;^>


At 01:43 PM 8/30/2005, you wrote:
> > From: Peter Kennard []
> > Subject: installing admin webapp
> >
> > Is there a link - howto etc on how to install and configure
> > the admin webapp.
>Installation borders on the trivial: download, unzip.  The only
>configuration necessary is creating the admin role and associated
>userid/password in the conf/tomcat-users.xml file.
>  - Chuck
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