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From Nikolay Georgiev <>
Subject JSP->Servlet: make JspWriter to be final ?
Date Thu, 18 Aug 2005 22:01:59 GMT
Hello Everyone,

PROBLEM DESCRIPTION: I'm developing a JSP page which lunches a JFrame
(basically it's a panel with a button). There is a listener to the
button and when the user click it, it calls a boolean function. And I
want depending on the returned result from this function to show
different JSP pages.

MY APPROACH: So here is what I've done:

In my JSP page, i've added the listener to the button (
button.addActionLister( new ActionListener() {
  // code here;
  boolean res=function();
  if (res)  { %>  OK <% }
  else { %>  FALSE <% }
} );

But when run this JSP on Tomcat, it gives the error:
Cannot refer to a non-final variable out inside an inner class defined
in a different method
The problem here is that, The JSP is converted into Serlet which
contains the non-final variable "out" from type JspWriter and I cannot
access it. I've changed it to final in the created servlet and then
recompiled it, but somehow It doesn't work and I don't know what to
Maybe my approach is too difficult or I don't know.

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