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From Thomas Corte <>
Subject Re: "No Host matches server name localhost" error
Date Wed, 31 Aug 2005 10:23:02 GMT

Parsons Technical Services wrote:

> Now as for the issue, I am not sure that it is a bug but just a feature. 
> Unless you can show where it does not meet the servlet specs then it 
> will not be considered a bug.

Ok, and since the issue is actually documented, it cannot be called a 
bug. Understood; no offense intended :-)

> I am not sure why this is causing such a problem. The only time a 
> default context will ever be used is if the browser is using an IP 
> instead of a URL or if you have a DNS entry that points to your IP with 
> no matching application.
> So unless you are using only the IP or are directing multiple unmatched 
> URLs at the server there is no issue. If you are, then knowing what the 
> war is about is only a small piece of the puzzle that exist in the setup.

I may really be missing something here, but my impression was that a 
host's default web application is used whenever a URL is requested that 
does not match any other context's path prefix within the host - 
regardless of the access being made by IP address or by domain name.
To me, this means that I *need* a default context if I want to see the 
welcome page of my "foo" web application (within the host named 
"") at "" and not at 
"", right?

If this is right, then I'd have to tamper with server.xml or name my 
.war file "ROOT.war". I can live with the latter, but it feels somewhat 
unclean. IMO, the same applies to setting up a minimal ROOT.war that 
simply forwards to another context, since this will also cause an 
unnecessary /foo prefix in every subsequent request URL.

Thomas Corte

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