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From Thomas Corte <>
Subject Re: "No Host matches server name localhost" error
Date Tue, 30 Aug 2005 20:28:27 GMT

Parsons Technical Services wrote:

> Per the 5.5 doc you can't do it that way. You can only specify the path 
> as a blank string when the context element is in the server.xml.

To reiterate: so the only 2 ways to define the *default web app* for the 
host are either

- to define the context in server.xml (which is inconvenient because it
   may e.g. contain JNDI resource definitions that have to be updated
   whenever META-INF/context.xml within the war changes)


- to name the war file for the default webapp "ROOT.war"
   (which is somewhat crappy, too, since it e.g. leaves no hint
   at what the war is about if someone just looks at the webapps drawer)

If the above is true, I wonder why the path attribute of the context 
defined in META-INF/context.xml isn't simply considered in *any* case?
Shouldn't this be considered a tomcat bug?

Thomas Corte

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