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From Brian Moseley <>
Subject Re: "No Host matches server name localhost" error
Date Tue, 30 Aug 2005 18:43:39 GMT
Paul Austin wrote:

> It seems that Tomcat 5.5 discourages you from putting contexts in the
> server.xml, and that is something that is a good idea as it's easier to
> manage them when they are outside. But the context path is only
> supported when you put it in the server.xml so you can't deploy the wars
> to any other path other than the name of the context file so deploying
> to /apps/admin.

right. ideally i'd not put the context definition in server.xml. but 
deploying my webapp at the root path is more important to me (i'm 
operating in a pretty specific context and don't have to worry much 
about additional webapps being deployed into the container).

i saw the suggestion for adding a ROOT webapp that forwards to the true 
webapp, but that seems silly. hopefully the folks who made this design 
decision can speak up and explain it.

> I know there is the special ROOT.xml for the root context but that
> doesn't solve the sub path issue which no one seems to know the answer
> to.

i don't recall seeing any references to a ROOT.xml. i tried renaming my 
context xml file to ROOT.xml (within conf/Catalina/localhost of course) 
but it did not seem to have been processed (requests to / gave that same 
400 error).

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