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From Brian Moseley <>
Subject Re: "No Host matches server name localhost" error
Date Tue, 30 Aug 2005 18:17:04 GMT
Parsons Technical Services wrote:
> Per the 5.5 doc you can't do it that way. You can only specify the path 
> as a blank string when the context element is in the server.xml.
> Look at the path attribute.

aha! man, if only somebody had written a 5.0 -> 5.5 migration guide :)

thanks for the pointer. after moving my context definition into 
server.xml, requests are serviced successfully (well, not under ssl, but 
that's another message).

i wonder what the motivation was for making it such that i can't 
configure the root context in its own file? seems a bit shortsighted, 
but maybe there was a good reason?

thanks for the suggestions all.

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