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From Hassan Schroeder <>
Subject Re: invalidate session after calling listeners
Date Mon, 29 Aug 2005 12:54:53 GMT
Franklin Phan wrote:

> I have found the solution. 

Cool. :-)

> What threw me off in the first place was the poor API documentation for 
> HttpSessionBindingListener interface.  It says for valueUnbound:
> "Notifies the object that it is being unbound from a session and 
> identifies the session."
> It gave me the impression that the method itself notifies the object 
> (which is the object that contains the implementation of 
> HttpSessionBindingListener itself) and provides a reference to the session.
> The API documentation for that method should have said something like:
> "This method is called *upon receiving notification* that this object is 
> being unbound from the *invalidated* session."

Erm, yeah, the docs are sometimes a bit opaque.

> Still, though, what is a "global listener approach"?

I was just making a distinction between having a single Context-wide
process (listener) doing session-unbound tasks versus each /session/
having a bound object implementing HttpSessionBindingListener doing
its own.

It's the difference between Mom cleaning up after everyone, or all
the kids cleaning their own rooms :-)

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