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From Robert Koberg <>
Subject IIS & TC 5.5.9 - welcome files (index.html) not found
Date Tue, 23 Aug 2005 09:43:59 GMT

I am using IIS and tomcat together for the first time and have one 
little problem... Even though I have a 
/web-app/welcome-file-list/welcome-file='index.html' in my web.xml and 
the IIS server has index.html set as a default index page in the IIS 
manager, it seems that IIS does not recognize index.html as an index 
page. In other words, I get an IIS 404 when trying to hit something 
like: ''. The has 
*.html set to be served from tomcat. Has anybody seen this?

When I run tomcat standalone everything works as expected, but we need 
IIS for some other pages/services that our client is running. I have 
tried changing the index.html to index.htm, default.html, default.htm 
(all of which are set in IIS to be index pages) with no luck.

Any ideas?

thanks for any help,

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