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From Brian Cook <>
Subject Re: Advice for Hosting Many Individual Webapps?
Date Thu, 18 Aug 2005 14:54:34 GMT

I think I missed something here.  Are you not still bouncing Tomcat 
here?  If so isnt the service still going down?  What is the benifit of 
changign the ports around?  I have a feeling I missed something in the 

George Sexton wrote:
> The technique I use is this:
> Run the HTTP connector on port 8080.
> Forward port 80 to port 8080.
> To re-start the system:
> edit the server.xml and run the HTTP connector on port 7080
> Change the shutdown port to 8006
> Start tomcat, and wait till it comes up.
> Re-run the firewall script to forward port 80 to port 7080.
> Stop the instance running on port 7080.
> The downside is that any active sessions get bounced and have to re-login.
> George Sexton
> MH Software, Inc.
> Voice: 303 438 9585
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>>From: Seth Ladd [] 
>>Sent: Tuesday, August 16, 2005 3:12 PM
>>To: Tomcat Users List
>>Subject: Advice for Hosting Many Individual Webapps?
>>We are finding outselves hosting more and more individual 
>>webapps, all 
>>running on Tomcat 5.5.9 w/ JDK 1.5.  Each of these webapps is 
>>and deployed on a separate schedule, and the number and 
>>frequency of app 
>>deployments is increasing.
>>The frequency is so much that the uptime of all of our 
>>applications is 
>>affected as we continually take down Tomcat servers in production to 
>>deploy a new application (or new version of the application). 
>> Because 
>>hot deploy does not work (the old favorite OOM error w/ too many 
>>redeploys), we bounce the Tomcat server for every redeploy.
>>To avoid taking down all of our applications when we need to 
>>redeploy a 
>>single app, we've begun to deploy each application to their 
>>own Tomcat 
>>instance.  All of these instances are fronted by a single 
>>Apache server 
>>handling vhosts, logging, etc.
>>We're just curious how common this setup really is.  We know 
>>we are in 
>>an uncommon position, with so many webapps (approaching 20, 
>>and growing 
>>very fast).  We don't want to put all our eggs in one basket, so to 
>>speak, so we've begun to split out individual tomcat instances.
>>Anyone else have to handle numerous webapps, with frequent 
>>deploys, and 
>>have to keep uptime for all apps as high as possible?  We hesitate to 
>>put all webapps in one tomcat, because to deploy one app 
>>means we have 
>>to take down all of our apps.  This is becoming unacceptable. 
>> (not to 
>>mention that a memory leak in one app will bring down all the apps 
>>living in that tomcat instance)
>>Any tips or tricks would be really appreciated.  Or pointers 
>>to previous 
>>material (I've found some, but nothing that jumped out at me).
>>Thanks very much in advance,
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Brian Cook
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