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From Shaddy Baddah <>
Subject JSP pages as XML documents and line breaks
Date Wed, 03 Aug 2005 03:30:14 GMT

I had a search around, and don't think this one has been asked before.

I've been writing my JSP pages as XML documents (.jspx suffix), and one
difference that annoys me a little between using the terse XML document
syntax and the (pre-2.0) legacy syntax are line breaks, or lack of in
the former.

The processed XML document results in the XHTML where the tags are
unbroken by either spacing or line breaks.

I understand fully the concept behind why this is the case; the first
XML document is parsed down to it's node tree, and then the XHTML is
generated based on this tree.

However, I am of the understanding that the white spacing doesn't have
to be lost along the way. I checked the jasper code, particularly
org.apache.jasper.compiler.Node, and a cursory inspection reveals a lot
of .trim() calls, that may be unnecessarily removing the spacing.
However, I am not so familiar with this code to say decisively.

In summation, this may be a bug/area of improvement. Regardless, is
there a way to embed line breaks via configuration? I feel confident to
be able to achieve these with ugly, ugly CDATA sections, or some like
technique (jsp:text?)... but before I go to that trouble, is there an
easier/neater way?


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