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From MDK <>
Subject tomcat 5.5, jdk1.5 on user mode debian stable hangs after a few days
Date Tue, 02 Aug 2005 09:22:46 GMT

I've searched far and wide for a definitive answer to this problem, but 
have found nothing that relates to my situation.

I did find a few similar issues, but

1. I have no System.exit in my code
2. I am not using the root context

and still after a few days tomcat stops responding.

The problem also doesnt go away after i stop and re-start tomcat.

And occasionally it wont stop with ./bin/

so i have to kill -9 the first process to stop it.

when it is running, the CPU usage runs at over 90% and the memory usage 
goes up to 50% or so.

It doesnt even respond when i telnet to localhost 8080.

does anyone know a viable fix for this problem ?



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