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From "" <>
Subject sendRedirect still does not handle mailto correctly
Date Wed, 10 Aug 2005 18:00:38 GMT
A while back we tried to use response.sendRedirect with a
"" link. It would not work, so we put together a
kluge using a separate page.

I was just checking and Bugzilla issue #18147:

This says the problem was fixed in both Tomcat 4 and 5 on June 20th of 2004.

I just downloaded and installed Tomcat 4.1.31 - the files in the archive
are dated September 25, 2004 - AFTER June 20, 2004, so I'm thinking it
should include the fix.

However when we try the redirect we still get the same result - basically
the "to" address gets stripped off when the link is processed by

I tried looking through the source to see if mailto is handled any
differently, but so far have not found anything.

Does anyone know if Tomcat 4.1.31 does fix this issued? If not any other

Thanks - Richard

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