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From Wade Chandler <>
Subject RE: Has anyone used Tomcat 5.5.9 connecting to MS SQL Server usin g JNDI?
Date Tue, 23 Aug 2005 16:43:23 GMT
--- Allistair Crossley <>

> Hi Wade,
> Can you perhaps resend the configuration files
> server.xml
> web.xml
> yourapp.xml
> listing of files in common/lib
> listing of files in yourapp/WEB-INF/lib
> Again?


Sorry man, but I only wrote to you about reading up on
JDPA, setting up Tomcat debug, and using TCP/IP for
debugging instead of shared memory.  Other guy sent
info for the config files.

I have used MS SQL Server and a pooled data source
from inside of my web app before.  I created my own
datasource factory and didn't use context.xml for the
configuration of what I did, though the setup should
be about the same as far as where I had to put the
files.  I put the jdbc driver files in the common/lib
on one machine, and if I remember correctly on one
server for what ever reason it only seemed to work
correctly by putting the files in the common/endorsed
directory....I had to get someone to put files there
for this one machine, and I had not configured it, but
for what ever reason on this particular machine it was
the only directory the jdbc drivers would load

I always use a context.xml file for the data source
configuration myself when I use the container managed
data sources.


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