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From Wade Chandler <>
Subject Re: Unable to access application if I am on VPN
Date Sat, 20 Aug 2005 18:41:48 GMT
--- Brian Cook <> wrote:

> Hmmmmm Could you configure the firewall to reroute
> the JVM request 
> thought the proxy?
> Len Popp wrote:
> > Can you download the DTD to the server and point
> the config file at
> > the local copy?
> > 
> > That must be possible, otherwise you couldn't run
> an application on an
> > intranet that's not connected to the WWW.
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There is no guarentee the call will be from a standard
URLConnection subclass like HttpURLConnection to get
the XML entity from the XML parser, so you'll have to
figure out what is used to make the call over the web
for the XML entity (DTD/schema) Does struts use a
specific parser, or does it use the JVM standard setup
parser by calling the javax.xml classes, can you find
out which parser is used, and how it accesses the
internet....could use something like Apache HTTP
client instead of URLConnection from the JVM...setup
would be  different for changing the proxy?  

If the only problem is the DTD and Schema lookups you
can ask how do I get access to the "XML Entity
Resolver" for Struts or Tomcat (make that the subject
in the respective lists) as I don't think their is a
way to do this specifically for a web application, so
more than likely you want the struts entity resolver,
but can't hurt to add them to the Tomcat one as well. 
For all DTD and Schema paths (URIs) you are using you
can add a local path to the entity resolver for those
http paths.  This will keep the XML parser from going
out to the internet for certain DTD/Schema locations. 
This should be more efficient anyways as the entities
won't be downloaded from the internet.

Those look like the only options for you,  obviously
your organization uses a proxy, so getting around that
probably won't be an option for you, so you have to
not go out on the net for the entity resolution
(meaning you need access to the Entity Resolver being
used or need to be able to set it) or you have to go
through your proxy.


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