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From jonas skrebys <>
Subject URL decoding problem in Tomcat
Date Fri, 19 Aug 2005 08:01:10 GMT
Dear Tomcat experts :)
I have encountered a problem and I have fallen into despair to solve it myself :(
I'd appreciate it very much for an advice.
I run Tomcat 4.1.31 release under Windows XP.
I have a jsp application that exposes *.jpg files to clients. Client receives a piece of HTML
like :
<img src="http://IP_ADRESS/path/aaa.jpg">
The path is context of real physical path and is described in server.xml : 
<Context path="/myApp/images" docBase="C:\works\images\" crossContext="true"
         debug="0"          reloadable="true"           trusted="false">
There are some folders with national characters under C:\works\images\ 
I use "windows-1257" encoding and all national characters in browser are displayed correctly.
Moreover, when I decode request, all parameters that I take from request and use in jsp application
are decoded correctly.
The problem appears when the path in <img> tag contains folder names with national characters.
Then browser does not display immages.
If I enter a URL with national characters of an image to address bar in browser Tomcat returns
a HTTP 404 error and writes :
The requested resource (/myApp/images/%C5%BDmones/aaa.jpg) is not available.
Tomcat replaces national characters with %xx codes and of course it can not find an image
under that path.
I use org.apache.coyote.tomcat4.CoyoteConnector connector and set up a URIEncoding attribute
for the appropriate connector element in server.xml to have "windows-1257" value.
It doesn't work. :(((

Could you please explain me either I use bad way to set a charset for decoding incoming URL,
or something else is wrong.
Thanks v. much in advance

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