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From Spammed TooMuch <>
Subject Re: WARs not being unpacked in Embedded Tomat?
Date Mon, 01 Aug 2005 22:13:39 GMT

Following up my post in-case anyone can correct or
learn from my experiments. It appears I have to tell
Embedded to use the WAR file myself. To keep it like
regular Tomcat, I check for a directory first. If not
found and there is a WAR file of the same name, I:

deployer.findDeployedApp( context );
deployer.install( context, war );

It certainly seems Tomcat should just do this, nothing
in the doc says it will not in the Embedded situation.
In fact there is doc that implies it will. 

It's weird but I can't find the unpacked files. There
is a dirctory of the right name in the work directory,
but it is never populated. Will be trying v5 out in
the next couple of months...


--- Spammed TooMuch <> wrote:

> can
> not get it to use packed WAR files. I have the

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