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From Fabien Benoit <>
Subject Re: playing outside the tomcat 4 classloaders "sandbox"
Date Tue, 23 Aug 2005 15:17:55 GMT
On 8/23/05, Peter Crowther <> wrote:
> > From: Fabien Benoit []
> > I'm using Tomcat (4.1) and Axis 1.2 to provide a web service interface
> > to a classical 2-tier application. My problem is, I need to access the
> > existing API of this application, a single jar located outside the
> > tomcat install. Copying this jar inside tomcat commmon lib dir or
> > webapp lib dir is not permitted.
> > Since tomcat gets rid of the system classpath
> ... But you can put it back by modifying catalina.{bat,sh} depending on
> platform, which will be more robust than relying on a classloader. 

I agree, but it seems that the classpath is overrided by some hidden
mecanism inside bootstrap.jar itself, not by the script?
Do you mean doing smething like 
"java -classpath %CLASSPATH% -jar bootstrap.jar" ?


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