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From Peddireddy Srikanth <>
Subject setting -Xss option and its impact on servlet threads
Date Wed, 27 Jul 2005 07:08:56 GMT
Hi ,

I read about -Xss JVM option used to set the thread stack size and I
want to use it for tomcat during startup.
My thinking is that if I set it to some smaller value than the default
value, this will save me some memory when large number of sevlet
threads are started by tomcat during high traffic.and this  will help
me in giving some larger value for -Xmx option or else if I  have 2000
set for my MaxThreads and starting all those threads with default
thread stack space will not leave any memory for heap.
But I have some basic doubts regarding this::

  1) what is the default stack size for Sun JVM on windows (Win 2003
to be more specefic)??
  2) Will this setting affect both normal threads and the servlet
threads created by tomcat?? or only normal threads?
  3) If I set that to, say 128K , and if some of my thread (servlet 
or  normal) needed more stack space than this in any case what happens
(obvious answer for this would be that thread execution would fail but
I want to know it from some one who experienced it)

Please correct me if my assumptions are wrong and any suggestion in
this regard will be appreciated.

With regards

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