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From Anoop kumar V <>
Subject Re: Error 500 messages
Date Fri, 22 Jul 2005 00:31:44 GMT
It might be easier than you think to output the error right onto the
page itself.

But would it help if you see the errors (+ other things) on the tomcat
console?? It will certainly help in your debugging.....

To do that edit the server.xml in the conf directory and remove lines
similar to this:

      <Logger className="org.apache.catalina.logger.FileLogger"
        prefix="catalina_log." suffix=".txt"

The only problem I have seen when I do this is that a lot of
information prints out on to the console and makes it cluttered - but
my hope is that when you get an error/exception you will be able to
notice it in the console amidst all the other debugging info..... Also
ensure that the debug has the value 0 in the host tag. This will
reduce the amount of debugging info.

Another point I wish to make is that when there is an error tomcat
just writes one file.... I am not sure which files you mention that
tomcat writes....

The easiest thing I do and it works too is that - everything is
outputted into my one output file catalina.out and I use "tail -f
catalina.out" to see what is going on - of course this works only on
*nix servers (pity windows!!)...


On 7/21/05, Adile Abbadi <> wrote:
> Hi all, 
> I've got a very simple question to ask and I'm sure someone out there can
> help me. Ok I just migrated from Tomcat 3 to Tomcat 4 and everything is
> working great except one little thing. But a little background before I go
> on. 
> Apache/Tomcat4 configuration - using libapache-mod_jk as the connector. 
> Running on Linux 
> JDK1.4 
> My app is built in JSP with JavaBeans in the background. Most of JSP's are
> built as follows 
> Container JSP file 
> --jsp includes doing different thing like load session variables or nav
> menus, etc. 
> Alright so here is the issue - in Tomcat 3 - whenever an error occurred such
> as a null pointer, or other exception - the error would output right to the
> JSP page itself and I could see it on the screen. 
> Now in Tomcat 4 it outputs the error to the log. This is all fine and dandy
> but it makes it hell to try and fix issues having to sift through log files
> to figure out what the problem is. 
> Now I have tried to build a simple test.jsp file and force it to through an
> exception and that works fine (gives me the standard apache/tomcat error 500
> screen) - but for some reason in the more complicated jsp pages - I can't
> get the exception to come to the screen. 
> So any ideas?? 
> Thanx 
> Adile 
>   ________________________________
>  Mr. Adile Abbadi-MacIntosh - Chief Technical Officer
>  A: Suite 500 - 400 Crowfoot Cres NW
> Calgary, Alberta, Canada
> T3G 5H6 P: 403.693.2609 
>  F: 403.693.2604 
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Thanks and best regards,

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