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From Bruno Georges <>
Subject Re: Tomcat in production
Date Fri, 01 Jul 2005 12:35:30 GMT

I don't know personnaly how tomcat behave in production for heavier load
than 10 concurrent request, but if you want to do the test in your own
environemtn, which I guess has a different bandwith and network equipment,

I would suggest you to use tools to simulate the load, [and also against
your own webapps which may be the bottleneck.]

There are commerical products which can cover this.
Apache as one which is usually found under its bin directory: ab
I like also JMeter, also from the Apache / Jakarta guys.

With JMeter you can set the number of concurrent connections and the type
of request, it is very complete.
you can run it form one machine, but again your box network interface will
be taking the load, so maybe you can use different box, etc... your choice

Bruno Georges

Glencore International AG
Tel. +41 41 709 3204
Fax +41 41 709 3000

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We are developing an app that is currently deploys in TC 5.0.28 using Java
1.4.2_04. The DB is MySQL.
Our first release is almost complete, and I have been tasked with
understanding what the issues might be in putting this live in a production

Our customers typical server will be a dedicated blade running Win2k3 or
RedHat Linux, dual Xeon processors, 2GB RAM.

1. Does anyone have an idea of how  many concurrent users/requests TC can
support in this sort of config?
   What is reasonable?

2. Are there any useful doc available for configuring TC for a production

3. Any other issues to consider?

TIA - Adam

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