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From Bruno Georges <>
Subject Re: confused J2SE or J2EE
Date Fri, 01 Jul 2005 08:05:24 GMT
In general use J2SE. J2EE not only includes JDK, JRE but alo the rest of
the J2EE stack.
You don't need to install J2EE , install J2SE.
With J2SE you can use the JDK [JRE has just the runtime, so it is not
intended for development, rather for being shipped with apps or deployed on
If you use JBoss or other EJB container, you still don't need to install
the J2EE since these app server implement its spec.
With Tomcat  use J2SE.

Hope this helps.

Bruno Georges

Glencore International AG
Tel. +41 41 709 3204
Fax +41 41 709 3000

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hi guys

i am confused about using J2SE or J2EE

which one i am supposed to use ?

if i use J2SE do i have to install JRE also ?

please  clarify ..  i am stuck here ..

i already have Borland JBuilder , which comes with jdk 1.4,  do i need to

install another copy of J2SE or use the one comes with JBuilder..

i am using SUZE 9.3 Profesional..

if u guys got a linux configuration with MySQL + APACEHE + TOMCAT + JAVA...

i will be more than willing to follow the configurations..

windows XP sp2 configuration is also welcomed as i have another machine on
XP sp2 ..

please try to give some guidance ..

any help is high appreaciated ..


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