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From "Peter Crowther" <>
Subject RE: Silent runtime replace of a class
Date Tue, 05 Jul 2005 13:06:48 GMT
> From: Sriram N [] 
> --- Gal Robert <> wrote:
> > we have a new user requriement: to be able to modifiy the 
> > application without affecting user work.

That's a very broad requirement, and may not be achievable in its full
form.  Does this mean that users must be able to continue working while
a new version is deployed, unaware that a new version is being deployed
under their feet, keeping all session context and so on?  If so, I think
you're onto a loser unless you can cluster your Tomcat instances - at
which point you can point all your users to one of your instances (call
it instance1) until there are none on instance2, upgrade instance2,
point new users to instance2 until there are none on instance1, upgrade
instance1, then go back to using both instances if you wish.

This requires other software or hardware to keep track of which user
sessions are using which instance.

> You'll could place the context.xml in either the conf 
> directory, or in the
> war's WEB-INF folder. Just ensure that the "reloadable" 
> attribute is set to "true".

Note that reloading a webapp when you have made changes may not allow
the user to continue working - for example, if you've changed what's in
the session then they may get errors.

		- Peter

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