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From "Peter Crowther" <>
Subject RE: Tomcat in production
Date Fri, 01 Jul 2005 12:26:27 GMT
> From: Adam Lipscombe [] 
> 1. Does anyone have an idea of how  many concurrent 
> users/requests TC can support in this sort of config?

Depends entirely on your app.  I've worked on one app
( where that configuration would be able to support
hundreds of concurrently-logged-in users, and is currently deployed at
several major UK universities (behind Apache - see below).

>    What is reasonable?

Unknowable without much more detail about your app.  Your only way of
finding out is to profile.  Configure a test blade, get hold of a
load-testing tool such as Jmeter, devise a benchmark load, and keep
upping the number of threads running that load until the app fails to
respond to all requests!

> 3. Any other issues to consider?

Several subscribers to this list do not consider Tomcat secure enough to
be exposed directly to the Internet, preferring to use Apache as a
front-end.  This will reduce throughput and increase configuration
complexity, but can provide increased security.  For example, all of the
public Bodington sites are behind Apache.

		- Peter

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