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From Annie Wang <>
Subject what causes application "error count" to increment?
Date Wed, 06 Jul 2005 19:29:02 GMT

regarding http://<server>:8080/manager/status/all:
wondering what causes application "error count" to increment?  

for instance, say my web app is named foo.  i notice if i access a bad
url like, http://<server>:8080/foo/junk, then "error count" will
increment for my web app.  but what other scenarios would cause it to
increment?  and if it does increment, would the logs in
$CATALINA_HOME/logs clearly indicate the error?  i have a web app
whose's default[/] context's "error count" increments each time i
access the web application.  wondering how to go about

also, in general, is there any documentation which describes all the counters?


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