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From flower <>
Subject Servlet mapping - url pattern with *
Date Sun, 31 Jul 2005 21:22:26 GMT

Let's consider situation like this:
We have got some servlets responsible for genereting galery page. We 
want group galery pages by use common part in uri (/galery/):

firstpage.html is generated by servlet1 , secondpage.html by servlet2.

So we must url-pattern like this: /galery/*/firstpage.html and 
/galery/*/secondpage.html but this url-pattern doesn't work.
question: why ? ( I use version 5.5.9 )

Some people, with I was talking about this, said that patterns like this 
was work with previously version and that version 5.5.9 is "crazy" ;]

Is any way to obtain behaviour like above with latest version ?


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