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From Andrew Miehs <>
Subject Re: Max thread/session timeouts
Date Thu, 21 Jul 2005 21:59:30 GMT
Ouch! Thats a LOT of threads - I can't believe your box still performs 
well with this many threads - or have you enabled keep-alives?

The number of threads really depends on your application. I have max 
threads set to 750, or our 32bit 2.6 Linux systems. Our thread count 
normally doesn't go over 200. When the servers need to wait for the 
backend, and the requests start to queue (heading towards 1000) - you 
will end up with a huge problem anyway, as it is probably unlikely that 
your backend servers/ database, etc, will be able to catch up  with the 
requests, but as I said, that depends how and what your application does.


J. Ryan Earl wrote:

> As a reference, in conf/server.xml I set my thread limit to 10000 max 
> threads, 1000 max idle threads, and 100 on startup.  I've seen my as 
> many as 7K threads busy within my application.  This is on a 32bit 2.6 
> Linux kernel with 2GB of RAM (-Xmx1500m).  On the 2.4 kernel I found 
> practical limitations in how many "threads" the kernel could multiplex 
> between, saw frequent system hangs under high load where the whole 
> server would become unusable.
> On either linux kernel, you probably want to increase your maximum 
> number of file descriptors in /etc/security/limits.conf for your 
> Tomcat user account(s).  16K nofile as default works great for me.
> How much more memory you need really depends on your application.  500 
> threads isn't that much memory overhead, but if each thread goes off 
> and creates a bunch of objects while it's working you'll need to 
> assure heapspace is available accordingly.  The short answer is: try 
> it out, play with it.  500 threads isn't a whole lot.

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