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From Peter Verhoye <>
Subject Automatic deploy with ant and Tomcat 4.1.31
Date Fri, 01 Jul 2005 09:31:22 GMT

I'm trying to use an Ant build script to deploy/install a war file to a
local Tomcat server. I've found and read the documentation.

The task I use is as follows:

<target name="tomcat.install" description="Installs the Web Application"
   <echo message="Installing ${} ..."/>
   <install url="${tomcat.manager.url}"
password="${tomcat.manager.password}" path="/${}"

Now, the war file to be installed is copied in the local work folder of
the manager application but the unzipping of the war file does not work
well. It seems only the WEB-INF directory gets unzipped, the other
files/folders are nowhere to be seen.

Anyway offer any help?

Thanks in advance,


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