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From Spammed TooMuch <>
Subject WARs not being unpacked in Embedded Tomat?
Date Mon, 01 Aug 2005 02:21:02 GMT

Appreciate a little help. I am using 4.1 Tomcat's
Embedded class. I have worked most things but but can
not get it to use packed WAR files. I have the
context's set up, I think, because if I expand the war
file the index.html file in the resulting directory is

Is Embedded suppose to support WARs; either unpacking
them in place or into its working directory?
unpackWARs is supposed to default to true when using a
server.xml; what is its default when using embedded?
How does one set unpackWARs and/or liveDeploy without
a server.xml?!

FYI, my Catalina, host, and context directories are
set something like:

System.setProperty("catalina.home", "D:\foo" );
embedded.createHost(hostName, "\" );
createContext("/bar", "bar");

I also have other contexts set such as the default:

createContext("", "\web\gui");

Thanks for any help you can provide!

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