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From "Darek" <>
Subject Tomcat Manager and number of sessions per app
Date Mon, 06 Jun 2005 00:53:36 GMT

We have a server running Tomcat 4.1.27, mod_jk2, Apache2
hosting 6 applications. Tomcat Manager shows number of
active sessions for each application.  At one time one of
the applications had over 300 active sessions, but
applications user monitor would show only 60 authenticated
users. I tried to refresh the displayed information and I
have noticed the number was grooving by about 300 each
time, reaching over 2 thousand active sessions. I am not
sure how to interpret that result. How does number of
active sessions correspond to max treads in Connector
settings. I have set number of threads at 400 (same for
Apache) therefore connectors must had been recycled for
this to actually happened, unless it is some sort of
error/bug in Tomcat Manager. Such large number of active
sessions each lasting for 30 minutes doesn?t make sense to
me.  Under what circumstances would this number show
incorrect value? Would redirect create new instance of
session object? (Assuming the cookie is used to set new
session identifier but not destroying the old session?)
The application is using HP print utility that might create
extra sessions when files are requested for printing, those
requests happen in the ?background, and are invisible to
the user. I haven?t tried to trace the behavior of that
utility yet, but it could create few extra sessions, I am
not sure about 2K number though.

Thank you for your help,


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