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From Mark Leone <>
Subject Re: Tomcat, SSL, IE, and .pdf downloads
Date Thu, 09 Jun 2005 19:04:53 GMT

Mark Leone <midnightjava <at>> writes:

> BTW, switching gears, I should have mentioned the following in my 
> previous email. I suspect that the IE workaround you described will only 
> work for SSL connections. Tomcat (and presumably any other good HTTP 
> server) will set the cache control headers to prevent caching of any 
> response generated from a protected context (i.e. one in which there is 
> a <security-constraint> element), whether the connection is made with 
> HTTPS (i.e., SSL) or HTTP. The IE option you described seems to apply 
> only to encrypted data, so it probably won't help IE users who are 
> trying to download files from a protected context via HTTP.

Correction to my previous post: The work-around apparently is not needed for 
non-SSL connections. I did a little experiment and found  that IE doesn't have 
a problem with non-SSL responses that include headers with the "no-cache" cache 

This alleviates the security concern I raised, since Tomcat can be configured 
to prohibit caching from protected contexts for non-SSL connections, and this 
behavior only needs to be overriden for SSL connections to satisfy IE, which I 
guess is not as problematic from a security standpoint. It's still a 
compatibility issue, IMO, since implementers will regularly encounter the 
problem with SSL connections and wonder what is going on.

Also, Mary Beth, I was unable to duplicate your results with unchecking 
the "don't allow encrypted data to be cached to disk" option. I commented out 
the <valve> in server.xml so that IE was not working properly for SSL file 
downloads. Then I unchecked the aforementioned option in 
IE, and it did not fix the problem. I'm wondering if you're dealing with a 
different issue. I'd like to know if you apply the <valve> fix in server.xml, 
and if it solves your problem. Did you do anything else to make IE work without 
the <valve> in server.xml?


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