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From teknokrat <>
Subject can anyone make sense of this
Date Mon, 13 Jun 2005 16:51:47 GMT
I have the latest tomcat 5.0 installed on windows server 2003 with java 
5. I run startup.bat and call a servlet that hits a jboss instance 
remotely. Looking through the connection events with TDIMon ( from ) I notice that a process tomcat5.exe sends a UDP 
datagram on port 137 to the remote server just before creating the TCP 
connection. Now, what I don't understand is

1. All the other network events are created by the process java.exe. I 
am not running any tomcat.exe - in fact I have deleted them. There is no 
tomcat5.exe process in the task manager so what is going on here.

2. this is a very slow. tomcat5.exe makes about three udp datagrams and 
takes about 2 seconds.

3. I realise that this may be a jboss issue but if anyone can confirm ro 
deny this I would appreciate this


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