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From Marius Scurtescu <>
Subject Re: Multiple source directories for one webapp
Date Mon, 06 Jun 2005 22:36:07 GMT
Laurent Brucher wrote:
>>It all depends on what OS and what editor you use. Under Unix using 
>>symbolic links could be a solution.
>>I am not familiar with rsync, but you could use a tool like 
>>that to keep 
>>two folders in sync. It should be possible to setup a process that is 
>>watching your working folder and every time a file changes to copy it 
>>over to the deployed web app folder.
> I'm running Windows, so no synlinks.

There are sym links under Windows, quite obscure though. Have a look at 

> I'm using Eclipse, which is capable of copying files to a given folder, but
> cannot do that across Eclipse projects, and that's what I need to do.
> Finally, I'm using tomcat 5.5.
> I'm not familiar with IDEA, but I'd rather avoid having to actually do
> something
> such as pressing a key. I guess I'm looking for a solution that ideally
> requires as little
> external tool as possible...

One key press per changed file is not a big deal and it gives you 
control on what/when you deploy.

Have you looked into rsync and the like? See Unison:

Also, check the recent "File synchronization software" thread(s) on the 
VanJUG mailing list:

> Thanks for the info anyway,
> Laurent.


>>I had a similar problem a while back (Windows/IDEA) and I 
>>ended up using 
>>a plugin that will copy the JSP file to the right location 
>>when hitting 
>>  a special key. I found this plugin to be very effective.

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