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From Jason Bainbridge <>
Subject Re: img tag's src not working for image files in a JSP in tomcat 5.5
Date Mon, 27 Jun 2005 20:45:53 GMT
Sounds like a browser caching issue or maybe some referrer checking
getting in the way although I don't how that would be setup in Tomcat.

Are you using SSL or have any other types of constriants in place?

Jason Bainbridge -
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On 6/27/05, Ryan Champlin <> wrote:
> All,
> I've read quite a few articles on this issue and tried all the solutions given and none
of them seem to be working.
> I'm using Netbeans 4.1 with Tomcat 5.5.  My application is using the MVC patter so I
have a controller that is using the request dispatcher to forward a request to a JSP page.
> Basically I have an application at the context "/Company".
> I have all my images in a folder called "img" and all my JSP's in a folder called "jsp".
> I've tried using relative paths to the image directory and the images don't show up in
the browser however if I look at the URL it seems right.
> I right-clicked to get properties and copied the URL:
> http://localhost:8085/Company/img/image.jpg
> If I paste that into a browser I get a 404 error from Tomcat.  However, if I take off
the image name and do:
> http://localhost:8085/Company/img
> I get a listing of the image files.  If I click on the link for the image "image.jpg"
it opens the file in the browser and I see the URL as:
> http://localhost:8085/Company/img/image.jpg
> which is exactly the same as what I had manually typed in.  Doesn't make any sense to
me as to why it works one way and not the other.  Possibly a permissions issue?
> Can anyone shed some light on why I can't get my image files to show up in my JSP pages?
> Thanks,
> Ryan

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