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From Ben Kim <>
Subject RE: How to catch and fix this error
Date Thu, 30 Jun 2005 18:53:17 GMT
>>We have a web app running on Tomcat 5.028.  When running at our company, it 
>>works.  However, it crashes (exits) at client site when access certain page 
>>(it used to work).  When we ask them to sent us the database used and run 
>>it at our company, it works fine.
>>There is an Sql query in this page.  Records are written out to the page.  
>>Some records already came down before it crashes.

Second to posting the logs, I think these things can be different between
the two places and you might want to check.

- database access control and permission setting
- jdbc driver
- jarred lib files
- database version (or validity of sql statement for the version)
- You might also want to compare the jsp-converted-to-java files, if



Ben Kim
College of Education 
Texas A&M University

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