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From Bruno Georges <>
Subject Re: WebSphere SOAP under tomcat
Date Thu, 30 Jun 2005 11:48:12 GMT
If you have the WSDL you can generate clients very easily.
For AXIS as wella s PHP, Perl, etc...
For Java use tools suchas wsdl2java, then SOAP implementation such as axis
will do.

Hope this helps.
Bruno Georges

Glencore International AG
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currently I'm developing an application for Tomcat 5.0.28. Now I want to
call a SOAP service but for this service exists only a client
for the WebSphere libs. Is there a way to use this client implementation
under an standalone Tomcat? The first missing dependency is the file
webservices.jar from WebSphere, but when I look in the MANIFEST.MF of
webservices.jar I can find a lot of JARs that are required by
webservices.jar...and don't want to know how many libs are required by
JARs. Does anybody know how I can use the WebSphere Client implementation
the SOAP service (or ist the only way for me to generate an Axis
implementation manually)? One more info: the client implementation works
under WAS

Markus Weseloh

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