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From "faisal" <>
Subject RE: apache2+mod_jk + ssl: howto
Date Sat, 04 Jun 2005 11:39:42 GMT
i used mod_jk2 when i was integrating tomcat with apache2. i also tried my
hands on mod_jk and i find mod_jk2 a bit simpler of the two.

regarding SSL, ur gonna ve to enable SSL on both server. apache2 on fedora
core 3 comes SSL ebabled so i did't ve to do anything there. my java web
application used SSL for user logins so i had to configure my tomcat to
enable SSL (java jeystore and tomcat server.xml and stuff.)

be carefull when redirecting user requests to HTTP to SSL or SSL to HTTP
port on ur tomcat. use Apache web server ports instead of tomcat's
port(which are 80 for http and 443 for https.)

how ur gonna integrate Apache web server - tomcat??
u dont. AJPConnetor13 does it for u.

u only ve to configure ur apache server to use mod_jk2 for ur web app
requests. tomcat handles everything out of box(atleast newer one which we

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Subject: apache2+mod_jk + ssl: howto


My environment: linux 2.4.22, httpd2 running on its own machine with an
appropriate mod_jk module, tomcat4.1.24+jboss3 running on a seperate

I have searched this list for an answer to my question but so far have
come up empty handed. My question is simply, 'If I want to front an
instance of tomcat with an instance of apache httpd and to enable my
java webapps to use ssl, do I need to configure httpd for ssl or do I
need to configure tomcat for ssl?'.

Any help will be much appreciated.


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