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Subject Poor Performance Tomcat5.5.7, Apache2.0.52, Solaris 9
Date Thu, 02 Jun 2005 14:51:48 GMT
I am hoping someone has experienced this before. 

The installation is a binary install of Tomcat and a binary install of mod_jk 1.2.6 connector.

We have been running performance tests on this install and Tomcat is very, very cpu intensive
topping out at 55% of the cpu's on the box. I have never experienced this before and I am
having a hard time tracking down the problem.  The application does lookups and updates to
an Oracle 9i database and it does use its own homegrown connection pool. But the poor performance
seems to be on the web side with server threads climbing up into the four hundreds at times.

I am including portions of my config files hoping that someone will spot something that I
am doing wrong.


Timeout 300
KeepAlive On
MaxKeepAliveRequests 500
KeepAliveTimeout 15
StartServers        2
MaxClients          400
MinSpareThreads     150
MaxSpareThreads     300 
ThreadsPerChild     25
MaxRequestsPerChild 10000 
AcceptMutex fcntl

Tomcat Server.xml:

 <!-- Define an AJP 1.3 Connector on port 8009 -->
        <Connector port="8011" 
               enableLookups="false" redirectPort="8443" protocol="AJP/1.3"
               maxThreads="500" minSpareThreads="75" maxSpareThreads="250"/>

 <Host name="localhost" appBase="webapps"
       unpackWARs="true" autoDeploy="true"
       xmlValidation="false" xmlNamespaceAware="false">



Can someone tell the correlation of the worker.cachesize and an htptd.conf directive?

Thanks in advance.


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