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Subject RE: Paths for JkMount
Date Mon, 13 Jun 2005 12:39:57 GMT

I used relative path to mount files to Tomcat with the JkMount directive so I don't think
your problem comes from that.

First. Be sure that :

 - Aliasses have been created in httpd.conf
 - Your JkMount directives are placed between section 2 
   And 3 of httpd.conf
 - Your JkMount directives are placed AFTER the Alias

If that doesn't work, let us know.

Luc Boudreau
Université du Québec

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De : Greg Scott [] 
Envoyé : 11 juin 2005 23:41
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Cc :; Joan Kinnischtzke; Michael R Ponicki
Objet : Paths for JkMount

Hello -

I am working on a proof of concept application, porting from tomcat 3.n
and Apache 1.3 to Tomcat 5.5.9 and Apache 2.0.52. The problem - every
time this app would try to execute a .jsp file, Apache would return an
error.  After a bunch of troubleshooting in httpd.conf, I found the
problem.  It was these JkMount directives:
	JkMount /servlets/* worker1
	JkMount /*.jsp worker1
	JkMount /*.do worker1

I was assuming these paths were all really relative to my DocumentRoot -
but noooooo!  The path evidently needs to be a real, absolute path.

These directives work:

	JkMount /var/www/html/{approot}/servlets/* worker1
	JkMount /var/www/html/{approot}/*.jsp worker1
	JkMount /var/www/html/{approot}/*.do worker1

(where {approot} is the directory with all the html, jsp, and other

And now the app seems to behave properly.  

But this bothers me - aren't all these supposed to be relative to
DocumentRoot?  Am I missing something or are JkMount directives supposed
to point to an absolute path?


- Greg Scott

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