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From Tim Diggins <>
Subject Re: Remote deployment
Date Thu, 30 Jun 2005 21:35:44 GMT
Hi -

Have you read the "Application Developers Guide"?

contains a great overview of best practices & a very useful build.xml

as for docs of the tasks themselve, I think the only reliable online 
documentation is the javadocs for catalina-ant, which dictate how to use 
the various tasks (the tasks translate into classes).

for the deploy task:

and if you don't want to create a war file, then you'll have to get the 
files to the server first and then use the "localWar", otherwise you can 
use a local "war" file:// url which will upload them.

(typically localWar is quick and dirty for use on your local development 
machine, then war it up - very easy with the build.xml above - and use 
the war style of the deploy task.)

-- Tim

Vernon wrote:
> I need to use the Ant to do remote deployment on TC,
> not using war file format if possible. I have done
> some search on the web and don't find the information
> I need. My development box is Window XP and the
> deployment box is Linux.  
> Can any one point out an online documentation in this
> regard?
> Thanks.
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