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From Torsten Römer <>
Subject Re: http session lost between struts action
Date Sun, 26 Jun 2005 21:40:11 GMT
But they use Struts, where URL rewriting is done automatically if 
cookies are disabled, presumed the relevant tags are used rather than 
plain HTML links, for example.

Maybe that's the problem, that in some link, form action or redirect the 
jsessionid is missing. Then of course the session is lost.


Charl Gerber schrieb:
> If your session data is stored as a session cookie (I
> *think* this is default behaviour), then your session
> will get lost if you have cookies disabled on your
> browser. 
> --- angelina zh <> wrote:
>>Thank you so much for your reply. The login page is
>>a JSP page. In the JSP page, the login form's mothod
>>is post and the action is a struts action.
>>After login, we did some internal redircts for
>>security checking and then take the user to the
>>welcome page. The welcome page is generated from XML
>>using xslt. 
>>We have a FrontController which extends
>>ActionServlet from struts to handle request and
>>response. I kept very close watching of the
>>requests. I am very sure that the session has been
>>established on the login page and kept valid till
>>the welcome's action got invoked and the welcome
>>page got constructed. After I clicked one of the
>>links on the welcome page, I noticed that when the
>>FrontController got invoked, the session had became
>>to null. So we lost session before the next action
>>class get invoked.
>>We can easier re-create the session object, but we
>>lost the attributes we set in the last session. The
>>following action classes will need those attriutes. 
>>I am wondering why the session keep valid if I login
>>to the page again without closing browser. But the
>>session get lost if I open another browser to log
>>And another interesting thing is the session get
>>lost in another place in the production enviroment.
>>I am not sure this is a tomcat issue or a struts
>>Michael, any help will be greatly appreciated.
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