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From Peter Rossbach>
Subject Re: clustering questions
Date Wed, 15 Jun 2005 05:45:28 GMT
Hey Mark,

Mark Eggers schrieb:

>I'm looking at clustering and have a few questions.
>1. In the documentation, the Cluster element is shown
>as a child of the Engine element.  In the example
>server.xml  the Cluster element is shown in the Host
>When I put the Cluster element in the Host element, I
>get clustering messages in catalina.out.  I don't get
>this if I put the Cluster element in the Engine
>So the proper location for a Cluster element is inside
>a Host element?
Currently clustering work only inside host element. Per catalina design 
we can also have a
cluster inside an engine or context. I hope in future we can add the cluster
also inside the engine. It look like a server.xml option and small 
changes inside code!
For backup a virtual hosting szenario this feature was useful. I add 
this topic
 to the cluster todo list.

I also start to wrote a better cluster documentation for 5.5.10 (look 
inside cvs head)
and help are very welcome :-)

>2. There is a statement concerning number of threads
>would be optimal if it matched the number of nodes.
This statement means the number of cluster backup nodes!

>  I
>am fronting Tomcat with Apache/mod_jk.  Would the
>number of nodes be the maximum clients I have
>configured for Apache times the number of Apache
>servers that can hit this Tomcat server?
>I am looking at having several virtual hosts running
>under one Tomcat instance.  Does this mean I need to
>have a separate Cluster element for each virtual host?
Today, this is true, but in my real life, I have only one or two heavy 
application services per tomcat instance that
works inside a cluster. Let us know your use case?

>Thanks for helping me get started on this.
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