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From Mark Leone <>
Subject Re: IE-Page not found problem
Date Wed, 15 Jun 2005 03:16:29 GMT

Frank W. Zammetti wrote:

> ... The point being that even if you can disable the option in Tomcat 
> (and I'm not sure you can?)

Yes, it can be done with a simple <valve>. See earlier message in this 
thread for details, or follow the link to the Tomcat bug database in my 
previous message.

> FYI, I wound up writing a filter that lets me define paths that WILL 
> NOT have the cache headers set, all others they are set for (because 
> all but three paths in my app needed the headers set, the 3 were where 
> PDFs get generated).  I use this in place of the Struts setting.  This 
> filter will appear in my Sourceforge JavaWebParts project, in case 
> anyone else might be interested.
Keep in mind, this is not just a problem with pdf files. It will happen 
when IE uses SSL to download *any* file that is not being rendered in 
the browser, when the no-cache directive is included in the response.


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