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From "Darryl L. Miles" <>
Subject Re: IE-Page not found problem
Date Tue, 14 Jun 2005 01:02:19 GMT

Mark Leone wrote:

> It's a silly problem. I ran in to it a while back, and it really 
> mystified me until I found the bug write-up. Tomcat is doing the right 
> thing, but MS has declared that IE is working "as designed" in this. 
> FWIW, the HTTP spec is clear that the no-cache behavior applies to 
> HTTP intermediaries, not user agents.

"the HTTP spec is clear that the no-cache behavior applies to HTTP 
intermediaries, not user agents."

Are you really sure ?

I have always understood the HTTP 1.1, "Cache-Control no-cache" response 
header to be able to control both intermediaries and user agent caching 

The specification does not talk in terms of user agent caches and 
intermediary caches it only talks in terms of caching operations (for 
the large part) with a few additional directives to target shared-public 
and/or private cache behaviour.

As there is no differenciation between shared-public and private caches 
when it comes to the "no-cache" directive, all caches must revalidate 
the request before subsequent reuse, this means an If-Modified-Since is 
an allowed type of request to the server, but since most non-static 
Tomcat/Perl/CGI/WhateverTechnology do not handle If-Modified-Since 
request directives anyway.  A new page is generated and a 200 response 
given, the net effect is no observable caching effect.  The important 
point of "no-cache" is your HTTP client must ask the server before you 
re-use your cached object, its upto the server to then say "No!  Here 
use this instead".

This does not help you with your IE problem thats just bad handling of 
the response.


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