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From Robson dos Santos Franca <>
Subject Re: Tomcat keeps growing in size on Win32
Date Mon, 13 Jun 2005 22:32:56 GMT
Hi there!

Please check: Tomcat version, JSDK (or JRE) version, JDBC Drivers. 
Probably one of these (maybe all of them)
has a bug. It sounds like Memory Leaking. Last time I had this problem I 
updated JDBC Drivers and it worked.

Good luck!
Robson Franca

Ed Hamilton wrote:

>Is anybody who is running Tomcat on a Win32 installation seeing a slow
>growth in memory usage by Tomcat?  My system increases threefold over a
>period of 2 to 3.  Even with all my websites shutdown and no user activity
>at all, Tomcat keeps growing in size, until I have to reboot to recover the
>lost system memory.
>Ed Hamilton
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